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Still Got Money In A Bank?

Sunday  31 March 2013 Fractional reserve banking is the Rothschild formula used by NWO/central bankers to enslave the western world, through debt,[ in case anyone wonders why we always refer to Rothschild].  China, Russia, India, and a growing list of … Continue reading

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Iceland v Greece

Sunday  31 March 2013 Guess which country said “No!” to the central bankers? Yet another cheer for Iceland! If anyone questions whether mainstream media is bought and paid for by the NWO, where is there ANY coverage in the news … Continue reading

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Gold And Silver – The Stakes Just Got Higher

Friday  29 March 2013 Cyprus is a trial balloon for the NWO, taking a small country that can more easily be controlled, putting the financial screws to bank depositors and then watching how it all unfolds, creating a playbook for … Continue reading

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Viet Nam, Gold, And Central Bankers

Friday  29 March 2013 Here is an article we did not post on our site, over a month ago, but given what has been transpiring with bank deposit confiscation and safe deposit box raids, this goes to show that central bankers … Continue reading

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Thursday  28 March 2013 Stopped out on half-position at price, 3.4215. 28 Mar – Buy 3.437 28 Mar – Sell 3.4215 Loss = 165 tics, $412 plus $15 commission per contract Wrong on the assessment that the low-end of the … Continue reading

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