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S n P, NAS – A Change In Trend? None Apparent, But A Caveat.

Sunday  28 September 2014 There have been no articles here on the stock market since last February, Fat Lady Has Yet To Sing.  Some Questions About YOUR Stocks?  A half-year later, there has still been no singing, but the questions about how … Continue reading

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Gold And Silver – PetroDollar On Its Deathbed? PMs About To Rally? No.

Saturday  27 September 2014 As we near the end of the 3rd Q for 2014, time is running out for all the 2014 enthusiasts that are calling for higher prices by year-end.  The lessons learned from 2013 have been forgotten … Continue reading

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Do You Trust The Government, Or The Media?

Thursday  25 September 2014 Draw your own conclusions about federal governmental behavior and the MSM, and this is such a seemingly insignificant, old story, but coming to a theater near you, soon.  For those who do not know, Afghanistan has … Continue reading

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Crude Oil

Monday 22 September 2014 Stopped out of Nov crude oil half-position at price, 90.88 22 Sep – Buy 91.68 22 Sep – Sell 90.88 Loss = 80 tics, $800 plus $15 commission per contract There is a set-up developing near … Continue reading

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Crude Oil

Monday  22 September 2014 Buy a half-position in Nov crude oil market, [91.68] Use 90.88 as a sell stop

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