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Gold And Silver – Without Either, You Will Be Greeced.

Saturday  18 July 2015 Step back for a moment and absorb what just transpired in the ongoing Greek tragedy that refuses to go away.  Greece, with no possibility of ever repaying its fictitious debts to the EU, and the EU, … Continue reading

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Wednesday  15 July 2015 Sell the half-position at market, 12.48 10 May – Buy 12.20 15 May – Sell 12.48 Gain = 28  tics, $313 less $15 commission per contract The intent on this trade was short-term and more directional. … Continue reading

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Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The American Police State from A to Z

Wednesday  15 July 2015 We keep alluding to the present facts surrounding everyone that the corporate federal government is not the government one “believes”  it to be.  It is not a government of the people, by the people, nor for … Continue reading

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Wednesday  15 July 2015 Stopped out of position at price, 5.65 14 Jul – Buy 5.78 15 Jul – Sell 5.65 Loss = 13 cents, $650 plus $15 commission per contract This trade was similar to silver in that the … Continue reading

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Tuesday  14 July 2015 Stopped out at price, 1.3130 13 Jul – Buy 1.2845 14 Jul – Sell 1.3130 Gain = 285 tics, $1,068 less $15 commission per contract  

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