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Monday  17 August 2015 Lower the buy stop to 139.80 We look for a directional move in these shorter term plays, but intra day 10m bars are showing upper range closes instead of continuation down.  No harm, no foul, if … Continue reading

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Monday  17 August 2015 Sell a half-position of Dec coffee market, [139.90] Use 141.50 as a buy stop

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Gold And Silver – Market Bottoming? Big Rally Imminent? Reality Check Says NO.

Saturday  15 August 2015 The developing events over the past few months are so varied, seemingly unrelated but are all tied in, just not in a cognitive manner that makes sense, and almost all them are based upon lies by … Continue reading

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Europe’s Crisis: A Dutch Perspective

Saturday  15 August 2015 The post below was lifted from the Wealth Watchman blog.  It is by a guest writer identified only as Hugo.  There remain many who cannot latch onto the idea of a New World Order being formed, … Continue reading

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Crude Oil

Thursday  13 August 2015 Stopped out at price, 43.08 12 Aug – Buy 43.28 13 Aug – Sell 43.08 Loss = 20 tics, $200 plus $15 commission per contract Even in a down environment, any long position seeks an upward … Continue reading

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