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The Balkans – Next Target For US Disruption, Proxy Wars, Etc.

Sunday  29 November 2015 This is a third article in an unintended series now of three that relate directly back as to how the US purposefully interferes with Middle Eastern countries, and the East European bloc of nations, mostly behind … Continue reading

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Wm Engdahl Provides Context To Paris Attack.

Saturday  28 November 2015 The truth is always elusive, but it is nowhere to be found in the Obama Administration, and certainly not in the Western press. James Corbett interview with F William Engdahl giving context to the Paris attack. … Continue reading

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4th Turning Article

Saturday  28 November 2015 Being informed and prepared is more than half the battle. FOURTH TURNING – SOCIAL & CULTURAL DISTRESS DIVIDING THE NATION 68 comments Posted on 27th November 2015 by Administrator in Economy I wrote the first three parts of … Continue reading

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Gold And Silver – No Ending Action, But End May Be Near

Friday  27 November 2015 If the end is not near, it is certainly nearer.  We are not calling for an end, for that is up to the market.  All we, or anyone can do is observe developing market activity and … Continue reading

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Wednesday  25 November 2015 Stopped out at price, 2.0335 24 Nov – Buy 2.058 25 Nov – Sell 2.0335 Loss = 245 tics, $612 plus $15 commission per contract The use of stops is one of the more problematic aspects … Continue reading

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