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BREXIT’s Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty

Saturday  25 June 2016 One of Britain’s Liars-In-Chief, David Cameron, pretended to take then high road by offering his resignation, but then proceeded down the low road by refusing to enforce Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to get Britain’s … Continue reading

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Gold And Silver: Security, And BREXIT

Saturday 25 June 2016 We wrote the following article last Tuesday as a consequence of expanding on the key word “security” and what is its impact for most of us.  Then BREXIT happened on Friday.  Actually, BREXIT is all about … Continue reading

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Tuesday  21 June 2016 Stopped out at price, 17.39 20 Jun – Buy 17.53 21 Jun – Sell 17.39 Loss = 14 cents, $70 plus $15 commission per contract Events are so unpredictable these days, and that makes following recommendations … Continue reading

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21 June 2016 Stopped out of the half-position at price, 1280 20 Jun – Buy 1289 21 Jun – Sell 1280 Loss = $9, $900 plus $15 commission per contract While there is apparent overhead resistance, mentioned in our last … Continue reading

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Monday  20 June 2016 Buy a half-position in Aug gold market, [1289.0] Use 1280 as a sell stop.

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