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Monday  20 June 2016 Buy 3 Jul mini silver market, [17.53] Use 17.39 as a sell stop

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Dept Of Justice To Americans: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Monday  20 June 2016 DOJ Will Censor All References To Islamic Terrorism From Orlando 911 Call Transcripts No further comment needed.

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BREXIT: As Above, So Below

Monday  20 June 2016 W D Gann is considered one of the greatest traders from the past, and his incredible success are market calls was due, in large, to his incredible ability in and knowledge of astrology.  We followed Gann’s … Continue reading

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US Called Out For Its Warmongering Against Russia

Sunday  19 June 2016 From one of the US’ staunchest European allies, Germany, reality gets called out by an insider, Foreign Minister of NATO member Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  We repost the article because none of this kind of information ever gets … Continue reading

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Gold And Silver – Insanity Is World “Norm.” Keep Stacking!

Saturday  18 June 2016 We know of no discernible line where stupid begins; for sure, it does not end.  There are two primary reasons for the never-ending goal of buying and holding physical gold and silver: 1. Both are the … Continue reading

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