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Soy Meal Exit

Friday  31 March 2017 Stopped out at price, 313.8 29 Mar – Buy 315.8 31 Mar – Sell 313.8 Loss = $2, $200 plus $15 commission per contract This turned out to be a “C”-grade trade after entry, based on … Continue reading

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Interview With Rory Of The Daily Coin

Thursday  30 March 2017 The interview with Rory of the Daily Coin is now available: Michael Noonan: When The Chinese Are Done – Gold & Silver Will Move Much Higher (Video) BY  THE DAILY COIN · MARCH 30, 2017 When the Chinese are … Continue reading

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Is George Soros Behind This Plot To Topple Trump? [Cough, Cough]

Thursday  30 March 2017 The name George Soros has been prominent behind so many disruptive moves around the world, including here in the US.  He [his organizations] were the funding behind Black Lives Matter, a way of keep race a … Continue reading

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Soy Meal

Wednesday  29 March 2017 Buy May soy meal, 315.8 stop. Use 313.8 as a sell stop, if filled.

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15 Incredible Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Tuesday  28 March 2017 As Big Pharma does whatever can be done to keep people from using natural cures that actually work and do not have dangerous side-effects found in so many chemicals  that people [most often needlessly] take and … Continue reading

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