Americans Are Cash Cows for Telecom Companies

Tuesday  26 November 2013

Yet more proof that the corporate federal government allows corporations to overcharge
on anything and everything.  Of course, this telecom story is chump change compared to
the unbridled overcharging by the healthcare industry, given the green light by Obamacare
to financially rape citizens and raise premiums considerably higher.

From Dan Collins, The China Money Report:

One shocking difference between the U.S. and the rest of the world is in the cost of telecom services. Americans are paying 5 times for telecom services compared to people in Japan, Korea, or China.

In China, you purchase a cell phone , no subsidizes or trick financing. There are very small set-up charges. You then pay $10-$15 per month for unlimited voice, data, and text. You only pay for data that you use unlike in the U.S. where you pay for data you use and for the “right” to use the network.

In America, you sign a contract that supposedly subsidizes the phone price ,however, upon your first bill you are charged made-up set-up charges wich fully recover the costs of the phone for the telecom companies. Meanwhile, instead of paying $10-$15 per month…you are milked by the telcom companies and the American captured regulation system to the tune of $70-$80/a month for phone services which in East Asia costs $10-$15/a month.

More padding for the “Exceptional” American GDP.

It would appear that in the United States a deal has been done between the Telecom companies and the Government. As long as the telecom companies continue to violate your civil rights and send all of your conversations to the NSA.. they will be allowed to treat you like a milk cow.

Welcome to the land of the unfree.

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