Can What Happened In Cyprus Happen Here? It Already Has!

Sunday  17 March 2013

After the banks closed in Cyprus, buzzard bankers moved in shutting down all means for
depositors to have access to THEIR OWN money.  Truth be told, once you put money into
a bank, it is the bank’s money.  Sure, you will get it back; bankers do not want to start a
panic, but when push comes to shove, they will decide how much you will get back, as
occurred in Cyprus.

This time, it is called an “equity investment.”  Cypriots were granted the “privilege” of
“investing” a portion of their own money to help bail out insolvent banks, you know, the
banks that took unnecessary risks, lost, and now want the public to bail them out.  It’s only
fair, at least according to all central bankers and their underling banks.

Can it happen in the United States?  It already has, and worse than what took place in
Cyprus.  Remember MF Global, two years ago?  Cypriots lost 6.5% for small depositors
and 9.9% for larger depositors.  At MF Global, depositors had ALL their money
“vaporized.”   $1.2 billion, GONE.  The sanctity of segregated funds?  That means nothing
to the CME and other regulators.  Didn’t you read the fine print?  Joke’s on you!

Whatever happened to Jon Corzine, head of MF Global, at the time?  Good friend and
heavy contributor to Barack Obama, nothing happened to poor Jon, who claimed he knew
nothing about it.  “That’s a good enough explanation for us!” said “Criminal Of The Year”
attorney general Eric Holder.

Obama:  “What Wall Street is doing may be unethical, but it isn’t criminal.”  Thank you,
Mr President.  Worthy words.  Glad you have our backs.

“Yes we can!” was his campaign slogan, and dumb voters thought it applied to them.  He
was talking to Wall Street bankers.

Has everyone forgotten the Savings and Loan scandal from the 1980s?  The outright theft
of depositor’s money by bankers?  Those who went to jail received sentences about 1/5th
of those handed out to actual [and petty by comparison] bank robbers.  It cost taxpayers
$1.4 trillion.  Had action been taken in 1986, a few years  before the 1988 elections, the
crises would have “only” cost around $20 billion.  Where do you think the difference of
$1.38 trillion went.  Bankers and politicians have expensive lifestyles.  Guess who got stuck
with the tab?

We have said it before:  Anyone who holds money in banks, stocks or margin money with
brokers, or any financial assets in any financial institution is asking to be fleeced.

Do you know what Black Swans are?  While considered rare events beyond normal
expectations, it does not mean no one could see one coming.  There are always signs,
and often numerous “events” that foreshadow a Black Swan happening.  People just
tend to ignore them.

This is how bankers operate, folks, in plain sight.  Why FDR issue his Executive Order,
back in 1933, making it a criminal act to own gold.  “Turn in your gold or face fines of
$10,000 and prison time.”  Why gold?  It is a form of wealth.  Wealth is a form of
independence.  If the public has means of independence, they cannot be governed. Take
away their wealth, and they will have to depend upon government.

Who do you think was behind the scenes, directing FDR?

Bankers and Black Swans are synonymous.

Buy gold.  Buy silver.  Hold it personally.  If you do not have it, you do not own it.

The lessons from history are all there, for those who care to learn.  For those who choose
not to, the bankers will teach you.

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