Europe’s Crisis: A Dutch Perspective

Saturday  15 August 2015

The post below was lifted from the Wealth Watchman blog.  It is by a guest writer identified only as Hugo.  There remain many who cannot latch onto the idea of a New World Order being formed, [we think almost completed] by a tiny fraction of people called the elites, those in charge of the entire world’s banking system, globalists in strategy.

His quote from a statement made in 1958 by Monnet, founder of the EU, demonstrates precisely how the globalists plan decades in advance, and everything has been carefully planned in such a way that people cannot fathom such a cabal.

A good read, and cheers to Hugo, whoever you are.  His story:

Europe’s Crisis: a Dutch Perspective

Back in 2010 when the Greek Saga was in the headlines miss Lagarde of the IMF delivered to the Greek government a list what is now and called the Lagarde List. On that list were the names of 2,000 Greek citizens (less then 0.02% of their population) who pulled 50 billion Euro’s out of the country and placed it with the infamous bank HSBC in Switzerland. To put this in perspective, that’s the same as 60,000 Americans pulling out 8 trillion dollars from the USA. How much was funneled to other Swiss banks and other havens remains unknown to this day.

This information provided by the IMF was supposed to be acted upon but that was not to be. Up to this day nothing has been done with this list. I stand corrected, the lonely Greek journalist who published this list was arrested on laws guarding privacy. Fortunately he was released and all charges were dropped by the judge.

When Syriza came to power with this last election, I surely thought they would go after these individuals, both to raise capital, as well as bail out the Greek system they helped to plunder and then collapse. After all, they are extreme left-wing political party believing in distributing wealth. Besides that, they have always been an outsider party and not associated with the Greek elite. To my amazement I have been proven wrong.

It was clear from the beginning, that the bailout of the Greek banks and government had to be done. If they were allowed to fail it would have led to another series of bank failures in Europe. After all, we just had a series of bank failures here and another round of bank failures was politically unacceptable. So the debt had to shifted from the banks to the taxpayer, and that takes a while. But the operation was basically finished by late 2014 as the following graph shows:

EU plot 4

Of course, that debt has to go somewhere. As good crony-capitalistic, socialists do, it goes to…….yes, you guessed right: the taxpayer!

EU plot 5

The task to socialize the debts of Greece was clearly finished in late 2014. So the timing of them getting a new government was excellent, and started as how I expected it would start. A better deal for Greece. After all, we all know the Greek people cannot pay back the debt and as long as the debt remains it is basically a failed state. Not good for the image of the EU, after all. So all was in place. The debt socialized, and OXI (no) vote to the proposals.

The Populist Crusader

Now lets have a look at the famous economist Varoufakis of the, to remind you, extreme left-wing party. He considers himself a libertarian Marxist. He is a private consultant for Valve corporation. A video game development and electronic distribution company. It’s a company founded by ex-Microsoft employees, headquartered in Washington DC, and has a European office in Luxembourg( a European tax-haven, built by Mr. Juncker, who is now a EU bobo wanting to raise Greek taxes)

He was also an advisor to the Papandreou government. Yes, the government that implemented all the cuts in spending that devastated the Greek economy, and that he now hates so much. Varoufakis was born in Palaio Faliro, to an affluent and politically-interested family. He also has been chairman of Halyvourgiki, Greece’s biggest steel producer. Besides that he has had some teaching positions at elite universities. The best position he had was Fellow at the University of Cambridge. All positions he held were at economics departments. If that did not help doubting his person. Let me throw in some nice soundbites:

‘’In March 2015, the Wall Street Journal pointed to several tensions between Greece and the other Eurozone countries, saying that some countries feel they have taken the “tough medicine” and the €195 billion owed is not insignificant. Further, they stated other governments have philosophical differences with Varoufakis, and his Anglosphere and Keynesian leanings.” – Peter Ludlow

Varoufakis and his colleagues “turned instinctively… to the U.K. and the U.S. even before they called on the European Left.’’ Ah ok, let me get that right, an extreme-left Marxist ideology party, going instinctively to the USA. Somehow this raises more then an eyebrow here.

This one is also nice:

”In a discussion with Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, on invitation of U.S. economic think tank Institute for New Economic Thinking, Varoufakis stated on 9 April 2015 that ‘the Greek state does not have the capacity to develop public assets.’  Therefore, he announced that his government was “restarting the privatization process.’’

Again, come again, please?

I think there is a big geopolitical fight for power between Germany and the USA within the EU. After all, Greece is located very strategically. Plus the USA holds a lot of power there. They basically ran the show during the military rule there, called “Colonel’s Regime“(which was quite brutal).

So why did Syriza sell the Greek people out to the EU and their Institutions? Even the USA and IMF are in favor of Greek debt relief, after all! Informed people know that the EU(and its predecessors) were created by the USA to make it easier to control the Western European people.The EU politicians, who are mostly appointed, know they have to be pro-American to be able to make it to their position(this includes lucrative jobs after they leave). So this all points to a big power struggle over one question: who will run the EU? Germany seems to want to push out the EU/USA.

This current situation suits the USA very well, after all, by letting the EU expand into the former territory of the now defunct USSR, it can avoid the blame while getting the influence.  All paid for by the Europeans, pure genius but very bad for ordinary people like me. Since the EU is an empire, (they openly admit to being one), their logic is totally different then a normal nation state. Empires want to expand, countries not so much. That is why the EU imposed the economic sanctions on Russia without blinking, although it hurt the already suffering countries of the EU(including Greece). Some estimates calculate that these sanctions have already cost Europe 2 million jobs and around hundred billion Euro’s. Now you know why the Greek government extended the sanctions against Russia, they are run by USA puppets, very cleverly disguised.

How They Work

Their modus operandi they use to expand is what is called “soft power”.  Simply meaning, they basically bribe the countries into joining the EU. They started with Southern Europe. This was a very costly endeavor and nearly bankrupted the Northern European countries. Of course, just as the US federal government doesn’t care about their citizenry…neither does the EU.  They simply passed the bill to the taxpayers and continued the expansion, this time heading east.

Country after country was absorbed in both the EU and NATO. This basically bankrupted all involved and all we are waiting for is an official recognition of that. Yes, the EU is still expanding. They just signed an association pact with three bankrupt Middle European countries. The Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldavia. This is the first step joining the EU.

This is fully in line the US policy of encircling the Russian Federation.

EU plot 8

The guy above is Guy Verhofstadt, the driving force of the expansion.

Georgia had a short war with Russia (and was utterly crushed) back in 2008 and the current relations with Russia are ‘’tense’’. We all know about the Ukraine / Russian relations. Moldovia is a very corrupt state. It has been proven that some of the oligarchs from there are bribing mr. Verhofstadt.

So all seemed to go well for the American/NATO agenda, but now this pesky Greek thing that’s not being solved, despite so much pressure on the Northern Europeans to fix it. Now why can that be?

In politics plans for many decades are made and some of the plans can take decades to fulfill. See this quote of mr. Monnet (the founding father of the EU) from 1958!

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

Or, how bout this nice one from Mr. Prodi in 2001, who then was the president of the European Commission?

“I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created.”

Now, you may be asking, “What does this have to do with the Greek situation?” Well, I just showed that the central planners are not stupid and they are fully aware of what they are implementing, and what the consequences will be in the long(er) term. They have no morale scruples over deceiving the people or creating chaos to bring their order, a ‘’game’’ the Romans already played over 2000 years ago.

Oh, and have a look at a nice poster of the EU! Yes, that is the tower of Babel, which the building of the European parliament is modeled after.

I hope that you agree that things are not what they seem to be. But what is it all about? Our elites have a nasty habit of creating chaos to bring in THEIR order. I think that is what we can see happening now. The Greek destabilization is just one of the moving pieces. Other destabilizations, such as the Russian saga, and countless others, have resulted in more and more centralization. See all the blocks, organizations and so on. With the TTP, TTIP, BRICS, ASEAN(and so on) it seems the world is being split into two blocks: the East and the West.

If one looks more closely there is a forum where all big powers called the G20 gather. So much noise was being made out of Russia being kicked out of the G8. The talks just continue in the G20. Quite a few leaders openly stated that the G20 is a de facto global government.

The ‘’solving’’ of the Greek crisis already has had a result that Mr. Hollande is calling for: a European government, with its own budget.  This essentially strips all the member states of their rights. A few other leaders openly state, including the Pope, that we need world government to solve the financial crisis, global warming and so on. The EU is used as an example to show what blocs alone cannot do.

Never underestimate the power of the Hegelian dialectic. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The West, the East, World government. So how will this all play out? It seems a given to me that there will be 2 blocks (and blocks within blocks) and coordinated by the G20. Maybe they aim for world government. 

Germany is slowly repositioning itself. First the German industrialists called for ending the sanctions, and just days ago some very prominent Germans called for a different approach to Russia.The seeds of chaos are sown, both financially and militarily. The time is ripe. Prepare yourself accordingly. The Eurasian trade union the WealthWatchMan is looking forward to, well I have to admit I am not. More centralization of power. The EU is already bad, imagine it being a piece of something like it, but much bigger.

Regards, Hugo

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