On GMOs: Of The Government, By The Elites, For The Corporations

Wednesday  30 April 2014

Of the People, By the People, For the People has long been abandoned, but most of the
people seem to be unaware.  Too many people think the government works for them and
in their best interests.

Take Genetically Modified Organisms.  In a New York Times poll, 93% of respondents
favored labeling GMO foods sold in supermarkets.  Who opposes?  Monsanto and many
who work for the corporate government, [certainly not for you.].

Vermont just passed a bill, H 112, and it requires all foods sold in the state of Vermont to
label GMOs, by 2016.  This is not good news for Monsanto, and when Monsanto is not
happy, someone within the government comes to do their bidding.  This time, it is Rep
Mike Pompeo of Kansas.  His bill would prohibit the Food and Drug Administration from
GMO labeling efforts, despite such efforts are extremely popular with consumers and even
grocery stores.

Pompeo’s bill goes even further to prevent states, like Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine
from introducing state ballot initiatives.  In other words, the government does not want
you to have a choice in what you eat and what you feed your children.  “Better Living
Through Chemistry,” and all the profits it beings to Monsanto is far more important.

Pompeo is the chosen government lackey to introduce legislation that would prevent you,
a part of what used to be “We the People” from knowing what goes into your body.  If anyone continues to labor under the totally inaccurate perception that the government
protects you, these people are not paying attention.

This not so little tidbit is just another “brick in the wall” of government deception and
enslavement, and an example of who really is in charge.  For sure, it ain’t The People.

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