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Obama The Liar; Mainstream Media His Elite Lap Dog Accomplice

Sunday  21 September 2014 This story is typical of so many others about how the federal government keeps those it governs in the dark.  This mis-guided Nobel Peace Prize recipient is responsible for starting more wars and bringing death and … Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers Fought the Revolutionary War to Stop the Type of Militarized Police We Now Have In the U.S.

Wednesday  20 August 2014 When you do not know or claim your rights, the government takes them, never to be returned.  Few Americans have a clue about what are standing armies, which the corporate federal government has been maintaining for … Continue reading

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Ukraine – A Chessboard Drenched In Blood

Sunday  27 July 2014 Pepe Escobar is a highly regarded writer for the Asian Times and presents views that are not dictated or controlled by the elite’s Western press. A chessboard drenched in blood By Pepe Escobar – “The intelligence … Continue reading

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Shocking: The War Inside The War In Afghansistan

Sunday  13 July 2014 People simply do not get it, nor do they pay attention to what the NWO-controlled, and bankrupt federal US government does.  Evidence abounds everywhere, like pieces of a puzzle for those who want more than rhetoric … Continue reading

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Celebrating The 4th of July In 2014

Friday  4 July 2014 Let Freedom Ring! You Federal government at work.  Always against you…think NSA, TSA, FEMA, IRS, ETC. From Vulgar Trader:

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