Gold And Silver – Going Nowhere.

Saturday  18 April 2015

There is always news going on everywhere, none of it positive for the United States or for Americans, and none of it positive for the rest of the Western world.  There is nothing that we can relate to for the prospects of gold and silver.  The charts are in stall status as the following illustrate, but even at that, the reasons for acquiring and holding physical PMs has not changed.

As an aside, but one that deserves full attention, the one currency against which the fiat Fed “dollar” has not rallied is the Chinese renminbi.   According to the Bank of International Settlements [BIS], it is up 12% against the “dollar” in the past year and up 34% over the last decade.  The fall of the Fed “dollar” continues on schedule.

This last hurrah rally for the fiat Federal Reserve “dollar” offers the best opportunity to buy at these low prices.  It may seem like tired advice, but owning anything else, especially in toxic paper form, just does not make financial sense.

Nothing to add to the chart comments.

GC W 18 Apr 15


GC D 18 Apr 15


SI W 18 Apr  15


SI D 18 Apr 15




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