June Results

Friday  4 July 2014

June ended with a small profit, the results of just 4 trades.  Two profitable trades came
from the British Pound and Swiss Franc, and the two losses were from buying what
appeared to be a breakout in gold and silver, where stop losses were purposefully kept

Almost all other futures are in trading ranges.  The exception is the stock market, and
where we used to focus primarily on the S&P e-minis, we pretty much abandoned that
market because it is central banker-driven, and we choose not to abet meddling by the
Federal central planners.  In the same vein, we also chose not to short gold ands silver,
since their all-time highs, over a few years ago, for the same reason.  Both those PM
markets have been heavily controlled and manipulated by central bank operations, and
we prefer not to aid the enemy.

Others may or may not agree with our choices, but we adhere to them, especially in gold
and silver because we have been buyers of the physical, and have strongly advocated the
same, over the past few years.  Selling paper futures is an inherent contradiction.

We await to see what July brings.  If there are few trading opportunities, there will be
few trades recommended.  It is a function of how markets develop, as much a function
of limiting risk exposure in markets with limited high probability trades.

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