Results Comment: February 2014

Saturday 1 March 2014

February produced the best ever outcome for the Trading Results section.  There were
4 of 26 Trading Results that were losers, totalling $602.  Net positive was $10,913.

A review of the Trading Results yields a few conclusions:  1] Emphasis was placed on
managing risk and not focusing on profit potential.  2] Results, as good as they were,
could have been 2 – 3 times better.  3] The positive outcomes show managing risk is
a high priority for consistency.  4] The recommendations that lead to all results were
derived from making greater distinctions about developing trading activity, a comment
about our own internal analytical efforts.  5]  A shift in profit-taking strategy will
produce greater profits.  6]  February’s outcome becomes the benchmark for moving

Time will tell with regards to 6].    An 86% win/loss ratio from trading results may be
hard to sustain, but February shows that it can be done.

The actual win/loss ratio is not as important as net results.  As long as profits are higher
than losses, the winning trades cancel out the losers, and it is net results that matter the

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