Silver Close – Part Deux

Friday  21 December 2012

As long as the end of the world is not happening, we might
as well continue monitoring the markets.  You can see from
the current chart that we have another instance of a close on
the low that could be meaningful.  This one has a sharp volume
increase, as well.

Market analysis is ongoing.  Just because something did not
work as a possibility at one point, does not mean it is still
not valid at another.  The concept is grounded, but knowing
the precise circumstances in which it will apply is an art
form, and one not fully developed for this configuration.

Consistency in analysis is critical, so we point this out as
a means of capturing developing market activity that can
lead to putting the market into a context that may, in turn,
yield an opportunity.

SIH D 21 Dec 12

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