Natural Health Under Attack By Google, AKA, Arm Of The Globalists

Friday  3 March 2017 – Add this link as a “go to” site for news on keeping healthy without being dependent upon the globalist’s Big Pharma drug sellers that deal merely with symptoms, not cures, and very often create an unhealthy dependence and expose you to dangerous side-effects.  You can use or ignore the information at will, but at least you will have that option.

We added the category, Natural Health Corner, primarily due to the important and highly relevant health-related articles that the government, and now Google, do not want you to see.  The article below comes from Natural News to alert people who Google has de-listed that site.  We stopped using Google as a search engine over eight years ago when it become clear that Google was cooperating with and giving “back door” access to the government to  spy on all users. is one of a few alternative search sites that deletes all user information each day.

Link to a recent article on other search engine sites.

One has to be proactive to stop the globalist’s intrusion into daily lives.  It takes time, and it takes an effort.  Those who choose to remain passive and rely upon the federal government in the grossly misguided belief that the government is serving and protecting them deserve what they get.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt ensured that the American people were declared enemies of the federal government back in an amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act back around 1933.

Not only would it be beneficial for you to frequent, you would be doing others a favor to alert them to this site.  Here is the article about the shameful actions taken by Google to keep you uninformed about alternatives to taking drugs.

It may seem like a small step to take, but it is the only way to stop government intrusion.  Small steps add up, and they do make a qualitative difference in one’s life.

NaturalNews De-Listed by Google in Attempt to “Smooth the Information Flow” to the Masses


National Intelligence Council Report Describes the Final Solution for “Fake News”

The two documents are cited in the article.

National Intelligence Council the report titled Global Trends Assessment: Paradox of Progress

World Economic Forum’s  Global Risks Report 2017

A chapter in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2017 . One of the documents covered in the article. It details how to “smooth the information flow” and questions “democratic ideals like free speech and the market place of ideas“. Falls right into line with the other document from National Intelligence Council and what is happening now with some of the major players in alternative media.

In the chapter Trends Transforming the Global Landscape there is a section titled Converging Trends Will Transform  Power and Politics. This word product puts in stark terms how the internet has empowered individuals and alternative media to influence opinion and spread information on a global scale as never before. It offers only one solution at the end of the chapter to the problem of “fake news” that has broken the monopolies. Can you guess what that is?

This report was issued a week before the Obama Administration left officeHere is their solution.

For authoritarian-minded leaders and regimes, the impulse to coerce and manipulate information—as well as the technical means to do so—will increase.   GTA p27

Chilling to free speech as it is being applied to some of the biggest names in fact based media. InfoWars being banned by Google adroll and NaturalNews being de-listed by Google off two thirds of the internet.

Undermining the “shared understanding” provided by complete corporate control of  almost all media that made globalization possible. Leading “some” to question democratic ideals likefree speech and the marketplace of ideas. Wow. It doesn’t take a technocrat to figure out who the “some” are. The sky is falling and the information environment is fragmentedbecause the globalists cannot compete in the market place of ideas. So shut it down. Competition is a sin.

Please sign the White House Petition against this tyranny

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