Friday  25 November 2016

Stopped out at price, 2.639

23 Nov – Sell 2.626
24 Nov – Buy 2.639

Loss = 130 tics, $325 plus $15 commission per contract

We leaned on two usually, but not always, reliable signs
of market activity:  A high volume, wide range bar, which
is still in play, and highest volume at the high of a rally,
as of Wednesday.  Turns out, the high volume at the top
may have been more buying, and not selling [?] at the
high on Wednesday.

It has been a while since we recommended an outright
short position, and a full position, at that, so it shows
how disposed we were to going short.

“Usually, but not always…” became not always and shows
how anything can happen.  That is what stops are for.

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