Wednesday  24 August 2016

Stopped out at price, 1334.

12 Aug – Buy 1360
24 Aug – Sell 1334

Loss – $26, $2,600 plus $15 commission per contract

Little can be done to fight the unlimited ability of the central
banks, BIS, maybe even the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the
unlimited US/CIA slush fund that is totally unregulated and
accountable to no one, other than the deep state globalists
who run it, when these elite entities dump $1.5 billion, or
more, of gold onto the market whenever it suits their
nefarious purpose to support the fiat Federal Reserve Notes.

Each time we attempt to position for a potential upside
breakout in the paper market, these are the kinds of results
that occur.  We continue to stick to the physical market
that has no counter-party risk with emphasis on silver,
even though the gold:silver ratio has returned to 70:1+
from 66:1. just recently.

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